One Hyundai Club

One Hyundai. One Journey. One Family.

Hyundai’s drive to lead the industry to a modern and progressive future is fuelled by its customer-oriented philosophy to develop best-of-breed Innovations for Humanity and customer-centric programs that improve and uplift the lives of millions of motorists around the world. Together with its dedicated roster of highly-competitive, empowered, and passionate professionals hailing from different parts of the globe, Hyundai is devoted to unite the global village and set the pace for a sustainable and more progressive tomorrow.


In the Philippines, Hyundai Asia Resources, Incorporated (HARI), hailed as the third leading automotive company in the country, together with its 40 authorized dealerships all over the country, continues to translate Hyundai’s global tradition for brilliant customer-centric management through its culture of sharing and service. This culture is concretized through breakthrough initiatives that advocate a safe and enhanced motoring lifestyle. Side by side its diverse clientele of motorists all over the archipelago, HARI and all its partners in dealer operations position the global brand as a key industry player with programs such as the 5-Year Warranty, Car Wellness Campaign, Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance or SMRA, Jet Service Premium, the F.I.R.S.T. 24/7 road emergency assistance, and other sales-driven programs that pave the way to expand the Hyundai market.


With more dealerships to be added in HARI’s dealer network next year, and Hyundai’s fast-paced growth in the market, HARI and its partner dealers make another leap to give the best service to all its loyal and aspiring customers for their continuous support to the Hyundai brand and technology. Introducing yet another first in the industry, Hyundai launches another one-of-a-kind campaign with the very first-ever, distributor-based, car loyalty program in the Philippines – the One Hyundai Club.


As Hyundai’s dealership network continues to increase in number, HARI and its partner dealers reach out to all loyal and potential customers by introducing yet another first in the industry, the first-ever, distributor-based, car loyalty program in the Philippines – the One Hyundai Club (OHC).


The One Hyundai Club is an innovative platform for the global automotive giant to thank believers in Hyundai cutting edge design and engineering by setting new standards in the Filipino’s motoring lifestyle. It provides value-based, members-only benefits and exclusive advantages to the Hyundai family of motorists.


Here’s how to be part of the OHC Family:


1. How do I apply for the One Hyundai Club?

Visit authorized Hyundai dealership nearest you or log on to Fill out the One Hyundai Club application form. Once your application is processed, you’ll be entitled to one (1) One Hyundai Club membership card.


2. What are the benefits of being a One Hyundai Club member?

Present your One Hyundai Club card when availing of Genuine Hyundai parts or PMS services at authorized Hyundai dealerships to earn Loyalty points that are accumulated and credited to your OHC account. Points can also be earned for every accomplished Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) or Customer Service Index (CSI) survey form.


3. What perks can I avail using the loyalty points credited to my One Hyundai account?

Loyalty points may be redeemed for exciting merchandise that complement your many interests. The One Hyundai Lifestyle Rewards Basket include Premium items and gadgets from the Hyundai Brand Collection and exclusive discounts from partner merchants.


4. Does the One Hyundai Club also provide members with roadside assistance?

Hyundai is committed to providing customers the highest value in terms of safety and dependability. The One Hyundai Club has partnered with internationally-acclaimed Assist and Assistance Concept (AAC) to provide members fast and reliable service from its highly qualified support teams, should there be any need for roadside, medical, or travel assistance. One Hyundai Club members are entitled to AAC’s 24/7 quality roadside assistance which include emergency towing, ambulance support, locksmith assistance, and referral to authorized Hyundai dealers and service centers. Members get these all for FREE!1


5. What are the other advantages of being an OHC member?

As an added premium, a One Hyundai Club member can apply for a Hyundai MasterCard.2 The Hyundai MasterCard makes processing of transactions with authorized Hyundai dealerships easier and more rewarding, whether you’re buying Hyundai Genuine parts, availing of services, or buying a new car. Earn rebates on ALL fuel purchases at any gasoline station nationwide and ALL other retail purchases at any merchant worldwide. Cardholders can also enjoy exclusive 10% discount on Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) Parts & Labor, and on selected accessories at any authorized Hyundai dealership.3


What’s more, members are given priority access to Hyundai’s exclusive events, where members of the OHC family meet and get a first-hand experience of Hyundai’s latest breakthrough automobiles, as well as be on the priority list for special Hyundai campaigns and promotions.


Hyundai’s passion to be a game-changer in the automotive industry is driven by you, the CUSTOMER. The One Hyundai Club unites you into one confident motoring lifestyle group that is at the frontline of the Philippine automotive industry.


Discover the One Hyundai Club now. Visit the nearest authorized Hyundai dealer and apply for membership today.




1Subject to terms and conditions

2Subject to bank approval

3Cannot be used in conjunction with other promos