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  • Clear head lamp (High Decker)
  • Chrome plated front garnish molding (High Decker)
  • Streamlined front bumper and fog lamp (High Decker)
  • Black bezel head lamp (Standard Decker)
  • Front garnish with LH/RH mesh (Standard Decker)
  • Protrusion typed front bumper and fog lamp (Standard Decker)
  • Rear combination lamp
  • Pair glasses on driver's window and front door secure better visibility by preventing frost, and isolate noise from outside
  • Stylish 3 section outside rear view mirror
  • Standard outside rear view mirror
  • 2 piece windshield glass / parallel type wiper / standard outside rear view mirror
  • 1 piece windshield glass / overlap type wiper / 3 section outside rear view mirror (OPT)
  • Integrated air conditioner
  • Swing-out type middle door
  • Swing-out type entrance door
  • Power window in driver's side & Manual window in driver's side
  • Front / Rear aluminum wheel
  • Front / Rear wheel cover


  • Sporty and stylish cluster
  • Chassis system controls
  • Power window and air conditioning controls
  • Driving Space (Standard)
  • Deluxe type driver's partition
  • Reclining Seats


  • DGCC engine
  • Electro magnetic radiator fan clutch
  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter


  • ZF Retarder (Noble only)
  • Drum brake
  • Jake brake
  • Auto slack adjuster
  • Gradual parking brake



 Seating Capacity    49+1 Seater
 Engine       D6CC EURO-4
 Type       6 in-line, Electronic Diesel
 Displacement      12,300cc
 Max. Power      380 ps @ 1,900 rpm
 Max. Torque      148 kg-m @ 1,200 rpm
 Turbocharger      Turbo Charger Intercooler
 Air Filter       dry paper element
 Fuel Tank Capacity, L    310 L
 Performance (calculated)   
 Turning Radius, m    10.1
 Gradeability (tanQ) %   45
 Type       Hydraulic control with air assisted, Single dry plate
 Facing Material    Non-Asbestos
 Model      M12S5-R
 Type       5 foreward & 1 reverse
 Electrical System 
 Battery      24V-200AH
 Alternator      24V-180A
 Starter      24V-6.0KW
 Frame type      Monocoque
 Main Section  Front (HxWxt) 180 x 90 x 3.2 t
  Rear (HxWxt) 200 x 80 x 4.5 t
 Steering      Ball-nut type with integral hydraulic power booster, tilt & telescopic
 Suspension (Front/Rear)    air suspension
 Shock Absorber    Hydraulic double acting telescopic type on axles
 Brakes  Service Brake Full air, dual circuit, fixed 'S' cam with spring loaded chambers
Parking Brake Spring loaded type parking brake on the rear wheels
 Tire    11R22.5-16PR
 Axle  Front   Reverse Elliot type " I " beam
Capacity (kg) 7,000
Rear   Full Floating Type
Capacity (kg) 11,500
 Empty Weight (kg)    11,975
 GVW (kg)      18,500
 Wheelbase    mm 5,850
 Overall  Length mm 11,780
  Width mm 2,495
Height mm 3,340
 Overhang  Front mm 2,690
  Rear mm 3,240
 Min. Ground Clearance    200
 Body type      Monocoque
 Windshield Glass    Two pieces type with laminated safety glass
 Windshield Wipers    Electric high & low speed, wiper with intermittent relay and washers operated electrically
 Outside rear view mirror  Deluxe type on both sides
 Side glass      Full fixed type with tempered glass
 Rear glass      One section type with tempered glass
 Wheel cover      with
 Bumper      SMC (sheet moulding compound)
 Door  Front   Auto Swing
 Head lamps      MFR type 
 Fog Lamp       with
 Combination Lamps  Front Turn signal/Hazard-Amber, Position-White
Rear Turn signal/Hazard-Amber, Tail/Stop-Red
 Driver's Seat      Adjustable up & down, fore-and-after reclining seat formed polyuretane cushion, covered with  vinyl
 Passenger's Seat    Steel tube framing reclining type with vinyl leather covering
 Sunvisor      Roll curtain type, left hand side above windshield glass
 Shelves  Type   Board type
 Floor Covering    Linoleum mat
 Room Lamp      Fluorescent
 Reading Lamp      with
 Clock      Analogue
 Instrument Meter    Speedometer with Odometer
 Tachometer      Electronic Type
 Digital Tachograph    with
 Audio System      Radio
 Curtain Rail      with
 Airconditioning System    Roof In A/C
 Luggage Compartment    with
 Seatbelts      3-Point ELR (Driver)
 Speed Limiter -100km/h    with
 ABS +ASR      with
 Auto grease lubrication    with
Note: Above specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.